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King Rottweilers imports the rottweiler first and foremost for health and temperament while maintaining rottweiler breed standard using World Famous European pedigrees. We are able to produce some of the highly sought after rottweiler puppies in the United States. We work with rottweiler importers with the best possible quality bloodlines in the world to include multiple international and world championships.

We have more championships in our imported bloodlines than most of the “top working kennels in the USA.” All of our dams have World Sieger Champions (2007, 2009, 2102, 2013 and 2014) in their pedigree. Both iKarma Vom King & Alica Se Ungo-Rot are the grand daughters of Imperator Vom Haus Zschammer, the ADRK Klub Sieger for 2013 and the two (2) time IFR World Sieger Champion (2013 & 2014)! Kimber NyKole Von Hause Huenink is the grand daughter to Burning des Princes d’ Aragone, the two (2) time IFR World Sieger Champion (2009 & 2012). Burning des Princes d’ Aragone is the undisputed baddest rottweiler on the planet today, thanks to all his training. Finally our Afrodita Miracle Rott (AKA Ditty) is the Great Granddaughter of the 2007 World Sieger Yoy Von Der Crossener Ranch. We also have the world famous Milsped, Simbolico, Earl Antonius, Kümmelsee, Se ungo-Rot, Radkestein, and Kigen kennels (just to name a few) throughout our pedigrees.

Our world class imports are producing beautiful, lovable, temperament stable working ability rottweilers that are suited for all walks of life. From their strong healthy bone structure, nice wide heads and their willingness to please makes their offspring perfect for the family pet home or the canine. Our imported rottweilers are AKC registered and DNA tested.