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Most of our litters are reserved before they are born.
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Summer / Fall 2015
Yumbo X Alica

Now taking Reservations
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Expected Birth Date: July 2015
Expected Go Home: September 2015

Yumbo Von der Alten Festung

Alica Se Ungo-Rot

Yumbo Von der Alten Festung Alica Se Ungo-Rot
Sires Details Dams Details

Male Female
1st Pick Reserved Open
2nd Pick Reserved Reserved
3rd Pick Open Reserved



We do NOT broker puppies.
Once a litter is announced we only reserve the first three of each sex of the puppies.
(3 males & 3 females from each litter)
Non-Refundable Deposits can transfer between litters, and between male / female reservations.
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From each rottweiler litter a set number of pups will be donated for training as needed for veterans and their immediate family that cannot always afford the care they deserve. The other set number of rottweiler puppies will be sold to help cover our operating costs of our Rottweiler program. We normally will not directly donate to a individual, we will not have the man power to screen every application as needed for our program to be an success. Please see our links page for organizations that specialize in service animal placement.