Buying a Puppy Out of State

It’s finally happening. You’re getting a puppy. After all those hours spent on researching and, admit it, looking at cute pictures, you feel like you’re ready to take the next step. You know which breed you like. You’ve probably even went on rogue online shopping at night to list down your future dog’s toys and necessities already.

But wait, before you go any further, of course, you’ll need to find a breeder. A good and reputable breeder to be more exact. Doing so, will ensure that you’ll get a properly bred and certified healthy puppy. But what if the breeder you find happens to live from a different state from yours?

This is where you should ask yourself one tough question: Am I willing to take the risk of buying a puppy from out of state? And in connection, you might ask yourself: Is it okay if I buy a puppy I’ve never met in person? What if we don’t jive well?

As fellow pet owners, we understand your concerns. Everybody wants that famed moment of connection that a person feels when meeting a puppy for the first time. We’ve all heard a variation of that story, right? And, more importantly, you’ll want to see how a puppy is like before you purchase it. You’ll want to see how it interacts with other dogs and people and if it looks healthy as the breeder says. These will give you an idea of what your new puppy will be like once you take it home with you.

Another perk of being open to buying a puppy from a breeder in a different state is that you’d have access to much more choices had you decided otherwise. Why limit yourself when you can have the chance of finding the perfect puppy?

Don’t mind the distance. You can ensure the reputation of a breeder by getting in touch with their previous clientele. Talking with other satisfied (or dissatisfied) clients will give you more information than you’ll get when meeting them in person. Ask about what puppy matching services they offer and about the quality of the puppies they sell. These customers can also inform you of possible problems you can run into while purchasing a puppy. Ask them, was the breeder helpful? Did they run off with the money?

But in the end, the decision will boil down on how much importance you put on the quality of the puppy you’ll get. If you really are determined to give your family a pet that will stay with you for a long time and be part of your family, then the miles which separate you from that puppy won’t matter as much.

However, not all of us have the resources to just hop on a plane to visit potential breeders from out of state. Fortunately, many breeders, offer a ‘puppy matching service’ to pair you up with a puppy that we think might be perfect for you. Being in the state of Washington, we at King Rottweilers would like to extend access to our world class Rottweiler litters to anyone living in the United States.

First, we require our potential buyers to answer an online puppy application. We do this to ensure that our Rottweiler puppies are placed in responsible homes and to help us get to know you more so that we can choose the perfect puppy for you. You may click here to view it.

Knowing about your home environment, expectations and intentions in owning a puppy will greatly help us in determining which puppy will be your perfect match. So, don’t hesitate to take your time and honestly telling us about your lifestyle or family dynamics.

You see, based on years of experience, we find that personally meeting a puppy for 15 minutes isn’t enough to determine how it will behave in your home. Sometimes puppies can act differently when in a new environment or when they are separated from their pack. In the end, it’s better to put your trust on us, the breeders, and our professional judgement.
As much as possible we’d like to pair you up with a Rottweiler puppy that will fit your current needs and lifestyle.

We also offer puppy shipping for those of you who doesn’t have the time or the extra funds to travel to Washington to get your puppy. Hey, if you can’t come to your puppy, we’ll get your puppy delivered to you!
We ship Rottweiler puppies safely via airline travel. You won’t have to worry about much as the airlines we use have perfected shipping with their climate controlled and pressurized cargo area for our animals. Along with their special terminals designed for 24/7 care and the progressive care policies it has never been safer for you to have your Rottweiler shipped.

To see the list of the states and cities we ship to as well as the shipping rates, you can visit “Shipping” in our FAQ Section. Our rates already include the airline ticket, the food for the puppy while traveling, an airline approved travel crate, bedding for the aforementioned airline approved travel crate, a health exam that is certified by a licensed veterinarian and the travel costs from the veterinarian and the airport.

If you’re still skeptical about puppy shipping, watch out for our article on the safety of shipping before you make your final decision.

In the end, we breeders offer these types of services to you, so you can focus your time and energy on finding a good breeder instead of worrying about distance. Hey, if you live in Arizona and happen to find the perfect Rottweiler puppy with us here in Washington, we’ll do everything we can to make your dream puppy your own.