New Puppy Building Blocks – Name Game

Teaching your Rottweiler Puppy their name is not really all that hard, in fact by the time you are done not only will they know their name they should look at you every time you say their name.

When you bring your Rottweiler Puppy home for the first time (around 8 weeks) they know puppy puppy puppy from the Rottweiler Breeder. So now you need to get them to understand their name is not puppy puppy puppy.  This process will also help with food aggression, and establishing you as the alpha of the pack or pack leader.

  • Rottweiler Puppies need to eat three times a day; we need to take advantage of this.
  • They need to learn to be gentle when taking food from your hand.
  • They need to know they do not have to fight to get their fair share.

So here we go: At every feeding prepare the amount of food needed for one feeding. Get your Rottweiler in a nice quiet spot and hand feed them each and every kibble of food, as they take each piece say their name. If they snap while taking the food or you feel teeth give them a nice loud “OUCH”. While it will seem they get the hang of it right away keep this practice up for a week or so. As the days pass you can even do so throughout the day so they know they should at least look at you when you say their name at any time, not just when you have their bowl full of food for them. From here we build on commands like sit, down, back, heel, and crate.

If there is several people in the home and you want the Rottweiler to take directions from everyone; have every one play the name game throughout the week.

See you next week with some more building blocks.