Rottweiler Runt

Dispelling Misconceptions About the ‘Runt’

The term runt of the litter, or simply runt, is often used to describe a Rottweiler puppy in which is seen as the weakest or smallest of its siblings. You may often hear Rottweiler owners and breeders used the term negatively to describe certain Rottweiler puppies. The term and concept has even found its way in popular culture with characters being defined by the term.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that even veterinarians themselves can’t agree on a definition of what it means for a Rottweiler puppy to be a runt. Thus, the term if often used loosely. The definition of what a Rottweiler runt is may vary from person to person.

How a ‘runt’ comes to be

Given the negative connotations attached to runts, you’re probably wary of purchasing a Rottweiler runt of the litter puppy thinking that it will be weak and sickly. Let us dispel this misconception for you.

Looking into facts of Rottweiler pregnancy and puppy development, we’ll realize that there are no runts only underdeveloped Rottweiler puppies.

You see, Rottweilers can fertilize eggs multiple times and it will still constitute one pregnancy and end in one birth. Depending how you are breeding your female Rottweiler, she can get impregnated on three different days in the span of a week. All of the resulting puppies will be born after the average 9-week pregnancy period.

However, puppies develop according to the order in which they are conceived. And given the fact that puppies experience a spike in growth during the last week of the pregnancy, it isn’t surprising that the resulting litter of puppies will not be of the same size. The last few puppies conceived will usually be smaller than its siblings. They are what people usually pertain to as the runt or runts of the litter.

These puppies will be noticeably smaller than the rest for a while, but the size difference is will be evened out overtime. Once grown, you won’t be able to tell the difference. In many cases the new owners take better care of their “runt” puppy by feeding him / her a better diet.

So, don’t be afraid of purchasing a puppy that’s a runt of its litter. The term has often been wrongly used to pertain to puppies of ‘lesser’ quality because of the misconceptions that surround it. Let us assure you that ‘runts’ are not at all inferior. It’s just that they were a few days behind in their growth and development. Wait it out a while and you’ll see their personality shine through.

As said above these puppies will grow to normal sizing with the proper diet. In most cases they turn out to be the biggest / best puppy in the litter by their adult age. This is why we do not believe in “the runt” or give discounts. We make sure the puppy is healthy before going home. We make sure the new owner knows the best food to feed their new puppy and we are only a phone call away.