Arka Flash Rouse

Arka Flash Rouse

aka Kaa

Arka Flash Rouse is the daughter of the 2015 I.F.R. World Best Producer Lex Vom Hause Edelstien and the great-grand daughter both Merlin and Uzi Flash Rouse.
  • Very nice head piece and compact body.
  • Rich deep dark markings.
  • Very thick dense bone structure that is only getting better over time..
  • Extremely loving Temperament with other animals and people.

While a little stand off-ish Arka will warm up to just about anyone that we invite into our home. Just give her the time and space she needs. Next thing you know she is your new best friend. Just make sure you are invited first, as with the Rottweiler temperament she is protective of her family.


  • Owner:
    King Rottweilers (A. McKee)
  • Sire:
    Lex Vom Hause Edelstien
  • Dame:
    JTJ Des Princes D'Aragone
  • D.O.B.
    December 28, 2015
  • KSS:
    JR 73620 Rw
  • AKC:
  • Hip Rating:
    HD A
  • Elbow Rating:
    ED 0
  • Coat Length:
    Clear / Normal
  • D. Myelopathy:
    Clear / Normal
  • JLPP:
    Clear / Normal
  • Height:
    62 cm
  • Weight:
    42 kg
  • AKC DNA:


ParentsGrand ParentsGreat Grand Parents

Lex Vom Hause Edelstien

Brabus vom Hause Edelstein

Uzi Flash Rouse
Chiquita vom Hause Edelstein
Cym od Vadanora Bronx od Vadanora
Patrissiya from House Rotvis

JTJ Des Princes D'Aragone

Faryco Terezsky Dvur CH Merlin Flash Rouse
Katja Terezsky Dvur
Erra Des Princes D'Aragone Don Aus Des Espenstatite