Azra vom Bistrica Berg

Azra Vom Bistrica Berg

aka Azzie

Azra Vom Bistrica Berg is the princess of all our dames, and she knows it. From the time we first laid eyes on Azra we knew we had to have her. She is everything we wanted and much more.
  • Confirmation correct in every way.
  • Rich deep dark markings, true to form.
  • Loads of energy for our active life style yet knows when it is time to cuddle
  • Temperament of a true rottweiler, protective of the family but very loving

We took a chance on Azra and we will never regret our choice to make her part of our breeding program. She is one of our top five (5) favorite dames of all time. Azra will forever live and be part of our family.

Azra will be bred on a very limited basis and is currently living with our family in the Seattle area. – Azra is NOT for sale.


  • Owner:
    King Rottweilers (S. McKee)
  • Sire:
    Faridon Crni Lotos
  • Dame:
    Lucy From Royal Breed
  • D.O.B.
    September 10, 2013
  • KSS:
    JR 725492 Rw
  • AKC:
  • Hip Rating:
    HD A
  • Elbow Rating:
    ED 0
  • Coat Length:
    Clear / Normal
  • D. Myelopathy:
    Clear / Normal
  • JLPP:
    Clear / Normal
  • Height:
    63 cm
  • Weight:
    43 kg
  • AKC DNA:


  • Jr. Champion of Serbia


ParentsGrand ParentsGreat Grand Parents

Faridon Crni Lotos

Felix Crni Lotos

Phyton Crni Lotos
Dela Kao Bumbarin
Dzeni von Haus Drazic Soko Crni Lotos
Oda vom Hause Nadja

Lucy From Royal Breed

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Tika Flash Rouse
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