Huge Head Rottweiler Puppys

Goga Rott Kingdom


Goga Rott Kingdom is one of the best bitches we have had the honor to import. Standing 60 cm, weighing almost 100 pounds and having the correct head type for a Rottweiler bitch. The main picture of Goga is from when she was 11 months old.

Rich markings.
Thick dense bone structure.
Confirmation correct head piece and compact body for her size.
Outstanding temperament that awaits to make new friends every time she is out.

Goga is currently residing in Europe while we are making room in order to import her.


  • Owner:
    King Rottweilers
  • Sire:
    Faryco Teresky Dvur
  • Dame:
    Oriental Victory Suny Day's
  • D.O.B.
    September 2, 2016
  • KSS:
    JR 76650 Rw
  • AKC:
  • Hip Rating:
    HD A
  • Elbow Rating:
    ED 0
  • Coat Length:
  • JLPP:
    Clear / Normal
  • Height:
    60 cm
  • Weight:
    43 kg
  • AKC DNA:


ParentsGrand ParentsGreat Grand Parents

Faryco Tersky Dvur

Merlin Flash Rouse

Gringo Vom Gruntenblick
Ramona von der Crossener Ranch
Katja Tersky Dvur Dack Flash Rouse
Bazzy of Sunny Hill

Oriental Victory Suny Day's

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