Sila Von Haus Drazic 12 Months

Sila V.Haus Drazic

Coming Soon

Sila Von Haus Drazic is nothing short of amazing. This Rottweiler bitch is another one that once we laid eyes on her we knew we had to have her. She is everything we wanted and much more.
  • Confirmation correct in every way.
  • Rich deep dark markings with clean stops.
  • Thick and dense bone structure that is comparable her counterparts
  • Temperament of a true rottweiler, protective of the family but very loving

We waited over a year to purchase and to be able to bring Sila into our kennel. At times we almost gave up on acquiring this gorgeous Rottweiler bitch, we are so glad we stuck it out and were finally blessed to be able to complete this year long journey. Sila is current in our top five (5) favorite dames. – Sila is NOT for sale.

Sila is currently residing in Europe while we are making room in order to import her.


  • Owner:
    King Rottweilers
  • Sire:
    DZomba Von Haus Drazic
  • Dame:
    Belarisa of Silver FILD KG
  • D.O.B.
    September 22, 2015
  • AKC:
  • Hip Rating:
    HD A
  • Elbow Rating:
    ED 0
  • Coat Length:
  • JLPP:
    Clear / Normal
  • Height:
    63 cm
  • Weight:
    43 kg
  • AKC DNA:


ParentsGrand ParentsGreat Grand Parents

DZomba Von Haus Drazic

Arlos Majestic Rott

Lacky Von Der Sudpfaltz
Fate Flash Rouse
Felicita Terezsky Dvur Merlin Flash Rouse
Katja Terezsky Dvur

Belarisa of Silver Fild KG

Baster of Silver Fild KG Astor von Junipera
Candy of Silver Fild KG
Hona IZ Drobnjackog Kraja Sonny CRNI Vitez
Fifi Hisarlik