Well-Mannered Rottweiler

A Well-Mannered Rottweiler make great pets! They are good with families and around children. Most people misrepresent the nature of Rottweiler as many of them think of Rottweiler as a dangerous intimidating large dog that is prone to attacking people.

The truth is that any dog can be aggressive and unfriendly if it is not trained by professional dog trainers or even just bad breeding. The size of a Rottweiler is the first sign that makes you misunderstand the wonderful breed. Their jaws are strong, giving the Rottweiler potential to injure people or other pets. Raising a large dog like a Rottweiler in a proper way will ensure that your pet is not aggressive in his adulthood.

It is in the nature of Rottweiler to guard and protect. A purebred, properly trained Rottweiler will never harm or injure anyone, also know as a Well-Mannered Rottweiler. Well-Mannered Rottweilers can be just as good with strangers as they are with the family member so long as the stranger has been introduced in a proper manner.

Rottweiler Training by a Clicker

Using a clicker for training a Well-Mannered Rottweiler is a very useful and effective way to cue train your Rottweiler. These cues can range from simple commands all the way up to advanced cue training. First you need to purchase a clicker; they are usually available in pet stores. The idea is to keep your clicker near you at all times until your Rottweiler puppy has completed his training. For proper training and raising a Rottweiler with manners, requires dedication and hard work. Make sure to issue the command in companion with the clicker sound. You need to be consistent in using this method to train a Well-Mannered Rottweiler. Steadily your Rottweiler will learn what behavior is expected of them, hence becoming a Well-Mannered Rottweiler.

Socialize Your Rottweiler

When raising Rottweiler puppies, socializing skills are the most important. Do not keep your Rottweiler secluded to your home. After they have received their vaccinations you should take them every where they are allowed to go. Seclusion will limit their interaction with strangers making them protective and aggressive if they come in contact with stranger. To help your Rottweiler socialize with other dogs, take him out for long walks, introduce him to other dogs and let him play with them. Never allow your Rottweiler to growl and bark at people, other animals or objects.

Our imported Rottweilers produce some of the highest trainable Rottweiler puppies that will make your training easier in the long run. These Rottweiler Puppies with their sound mind and temperament will make a wonderful addition to your family with children and other pets.