How dogs communicate

There are four (4) ways that all dogs communicate: Smell, Sight, Sound, and Physical. Please read the following to understand each of them so you can be a better dog trainer when working with your own Rottweilers.

Dogs explore the world with the primary means which is smell. Some of their favorite smells are cat poop, fish, manure and bitches in heat. Since any of these will get your Rottweilers attention we use this natural communication skill to train by using smelly dog treats.

Dogs in general primarily use signals that they can see when communicating with each other. Sure there are some sounds but for the most part they use their body language. Your Rottweiler is watching you when you speak to them. They notice little movements that you do and react to them. Such as “sit” and you raise your hand. Rottweilers will see the signal and process it faster than the word itself. Try it some time say sit to a younger dog still in training and they might lay down or just get excited. Now use your hand signal and not say one word.

The way dogs interpret pitch is very important. High / squeaky noises causes Rottweilers to be excited, friendly, and relaxing. While low, or growling noises are perceived are authority. So saying “Fido Come” in a low voice or loud barking order is the perfect way to make your Rottweiler to stay away from you or just coward down where they are. What you are saying by using these low tone voices is that you are going to bite or attack them. Since they should see you as the pack leader they will bow down to your command. This is why when you say “NO!” or “STOP!” in a high voice your Rottweiler will take it as we are having fun I should do it again.

Once again dogs in general are very aware of the physical space and who is controlling it. Rottweilers are herding dogs that have no problem moving herds of cows or other live stock. As the Rottweiler moves towards the herd the herd moves away. If you take notice when two Rottweiler puppies are playing an older Rottweiler will get between the two puppies to let them know who is really in charge of the Physical space. With pack mentality the leaders will block the way where the followers will fall into their rightful place in the pack. The body language of the Rottweiler is the most important to be able to read, and a bit harder since this is a breed with a docked tail.

Note: Thank you Lisa Lucas of Northern Tails for my education before I started training my first puppy.