Finding a Rottweiler Puppy

I Want A Quality Rottweiler Puppy Now & I Am A REALLY Good Home!

Nothing is cuter than a Rottweiler puppy, those ears, those shiny eyes, the soft fur, that outgoing personality and the Oh My God puppy breath. All it takes is one meeting and most of us are in love. Well, you are thinking about adding a totally dependent, living breathing creature to your life. This is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly! You might first want to ask yourself a few questions and ponder a few realities…

Why a Rottweiler?

They are great companions, protectors, family orientated if socialized and trained properly.

I want one NOW!

Rottweiler are a slightly more high demand breed and you may wait for some time if you have your heart set on a certain age, marking and sex. Be prepared to be patient, ethical breeders normally have a 4 to 12 month wait list. Personally, I would be suspicious if a breeder had puppies available all the time. However the ethical breeder might know or work with other ethical breeders that might just had a litter.

Can I choose mine?

With a breed like Rottweilers, litter sizes are small compared to the demand and the breeder you are working with will probably call/email and tell you a puppy is available. With Rottweiler puppies the personality should always be loving, warm and fun. The differences between the puppies personalities, in my experience, is relatively little. Trust your breeder to guide you to the puppy that will best fit your situation and lifestyle. An ethical breeder will know the puppies longer than anyone and should do some sort of temperament testing to help the matching process. The breeder will want to set you up for a lifetime of success with your Rottweiler.

I saw a Rottweiler Puppy from Germany in the paper, what about them?

Of course, we cannot lump all dogs and breeders from one country together under one umbrella of shame, but the USA has been flooded with poor quality puppies from other countries and it is a very disturbing situation. As a rule, these puppies are shipped over here at a VERY young age, sorted out to the various “brokers” throughout the country and sold. They are marketed as “more healthy, natural, free breeders, Pick Papered German or just German Rottweiler Puppies” all kinds of sales oriented phrases. These poor dogs are NOT the same Rottweiler that ethical breeders have imported to the USA. Our First Generation American Rottweiler are usually MUCH softer in temperament, bred within breed standard and as a rule easier to live with.


because most Americans want a balanced family Rottweiler Puppy, not a working line, therefore we import more of a show line Rottweiler. Rescues has been flooded with Rottweilers – almost always due to aggression and temperament issues from lack of training and socialization. These unfortunate Rottweiler are also often sold through back yard breeders (or other deplorable situation) that do not understand the science of breeding and are motivated by quick cash. This situation is very, very upsetting to most of us breeders that have the best interest of the Rottweiler breed at heart.

The ONLY way to stop puppy brokers and importers, puppy mills and pet stores from selling dogs is to NOT BUY FROM THEM – it seems so simple and it is! However so many people are looking for a “cheap” Rottweiler Puppy. These unethical breeders lower their pricing to get rid of their puppies at the last minute. They offer their puppies with no papers. Why no paper you might ask? Well most likely the breeding stock came from another back yard breeder with no papers. The breeding stock could have come from an ethical breeder on a limited AKC registration, meaning their breeding stock had faults and should not be bred for various reasons. Could be the unethical breeder does not have the legal right to breed their dogs because they did not pay for breeding rights. All of which just forces ethical breeders to raise their pricing.

What can I expect to pay?

Quality Rottweiler Puppy can be expensive depending on the quality of the puppy, reputation of the breeder, and the availability.

Yes, you will get what you pay for and this is a ten year plus commitment. Why?; because ethical breeders will do all the health testing and show the testing certificates off like the first shiny new car you ever bought.

What about newspaper and Internet classifieds ads?

Yes you can find some quality Rottweiler this way but I would advise you look for a few “red flags.” Does the breeder breed other breeds or do they just focus on the Rottweilers? Does the breeder have several puppies readily available weeks after their birth? Does the breeder seem too commercial? If the breeder does not belong to any Rottweiler clubs? The ethical breeder will have reviews and pictures of their breeding program so you can see the living conditions before your deposit is made. Since this is their home for safety reason ethical breeders will require a deposit before they are willing to invite you into their home once you have put down your deposit and show you the conditions your new baby was raised in. This is for the protection of YOUR puppy.

These are just a few tips, but in today’s information saturated world, there is no excuse for saying, “I didn’t know!” Take the time to find out and most importantly, BE PATIENT!!!

I want a quality Rottweiler from a great Rottweiler breeder, tell me what to do!

Call/email/contact breeders that have either been referred to you or that you like the looks of their dogs and/or their philosophy. Please, do NOT send a one line email or call with the first question; “How much are your puppies?”. This is NOT going to get a positive response from most breeders! In fact if the ethical breeder has a puppy application they will refer you to that application, most of the time this is to see how serious you really are.

Take the time to get to know your breeder and tell the breeder about yourself, your home, your situation (kids, other pets, etc.) and ask a few well thought out questions. Any ethical breeder will be happy to take the time to explain their policies and procedures for acquiring one of their quality puppies. I normally will take 30 to 45 minutes for the first phone call with a potential client.