Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding is NORMAL BEHAVIOR that is learned through everyday life. It could be something simple like the largest puppy getting to mom’s tit first. It could be learned by the new owners or stranger allowing them to get away with Resource Guarding one time and it escalates.

First and foremost let’s make this clear I am NOT a professional dog trainer. This information will be the way I understand what I have been taught and learned through the years. I always defer to professional trainers but please use this as a stepping stone to get you started.

Resource Guarding does NOT mean your new Rottweiler puppy is vicious, out for blood or it will continue into its adult life. It means you need to train your puppy this is not acceptable at any age or time. It means YOU have not done your job and need to get to training.

Causes of Resource Guarding

Truth be told this is an easy answer, no one knows for sure! Being a breeder as long as I have been one there is always a puppy that suffers from Resource Guarding from time to time. After all I do breed Rottweiler Puppies, not poodles.

I have seen Resource Guarding in singleton puppies, large litters and every combination in between. More often than not Resource Guarding will not show up in the Volhard P.A.T. Iin most cases, is not really shown until they go to their forever home. Some say it is genetics of the parents, but if that was the case wouldn’t every puppy from those parents be doing Resource Guarding?

It is pretty safe to say Resource Guarding is a taught / learned behavior that can be corrected. It is just going to take some quality training and time to get to that well-mannered Rottweiler back into shape. As with any training it is a lifetime of training. Training that turns into everyday life. Just like that cool trick you taught them as a pup that you still use to this day. You know Shake, Sit, leave it and Down, all trained behaviors.

The cost your Rottweiler puppy does not dictate if they will Resource Guard or not. I can help getting the best temperament tested Rottweiler puppy for your needs and wants. It can even make sure you get a puppy that is easier to train.

Training Against Resource Guarding

The type of training is really going to depend on you, your Rottweiler and how each of you react to the training methods. After all what works for me might now work for you just for the mere fact you like to train in a different manner.

The trick to training against Resource Guarding is finding something to make your Rottweiler lose focus on what they are guarding so you can take it away.

Some say use the trade method for Resource Guarding training. While other say a correction is needed. It all depends on YOU and YOUR Rottweiler. From here I plan on writing a few articles on the different methods and how to execute them with success.

As always, I recommend you work with a Professional Dog Trainer the UNDERSTANDS the Rottweiler Breed. Not every professional trainer knows the Rottweiler Breed.