Rottweiler Puppy Cost

Why is the Rottweiler Puppy cost so expensive?

Being a breeder I get this age old question all the time. While there are some truth to what some breeders will tell you there are just as much deception when it comes to some replies. While it is easy to make a spreadsheet on the cost to produce a litter of Rottweiler pups, breeders are few and far between posting accurate pricing on these spreadsheets. Most of which is because of the backyard breeders picking it apart with statements of “No way I can do that cheaper” or “You don’t have to do that test”.

Just to give you three examples of the cost difference

  1. Health Certifications – Most less expensive breeders do not perform these test, ethical breeder pay thousands on top of the purchase price and import fees.
  2. Cost of breeding stock – Most less expensive breeders bought from a cheap puppy. While ethical breeders are paying thousands to import health certified rottweilers.
  3. Cost to produce the litter – Ethical breeders add everything pertaining to that litter as a cost, less expensive breeders look at the amount the puppies sold for their profit.

As a breeder I am always shopping for new import rottweilers to bring into my kennel. The price range on a adult Rottweiler varies just as much as a puppy. Of course you can find really good deals but knowing price is a huge factor of the quality of the rottweiler you tend to stay clear of the less expensive adult breeding rottweilers and the rottweiler stud dogs.

I think back to when I was starting my rottweiler breeding program all over again and trying to bring in new pedigrees that would take my breeding program to the next level. After all as an ethical rottweiler breeder I should strive to produce rottweiler puppies at are better than the last generation.

As much as dog lovers melt over a cute, cuddly puppy, when it comes time to actually buy a dog, price sensitivity enters into it. I’ll admit now that price was a very important parameter back then. I will also admit now, that while we made an amazingly great choice, I was also really stupid.


The best way to sum this up in two sentences: The purchase price of a Rottweiler is a drop in the bucket when you compare to the cost of total rottweiler ownership. Cheap things are not good and good things are rarely cheap.

A great way to look at the price is to compare family companion pet quality rottweilers purchase price. With $850.00 being the average price of a Rottweiler puppy from a puppy mill and $1500.00 being the average price for an professional ethical breeder. The average life span of a rottweiler is 10 years. Now take all of these figures and put it into common sense equations (Price)/(year x days) = cost per day. The daily cost of the $850.00 rottweiler equals $0.23, while the $1500.00 rottweiler equals $0.41. A whole $0.18 difference, what can you get for that $0.18? Maybe a 1/2 of cup of dry kibble if you buy the cheap stuff.

Now what are you really getting for the extra money by purchasing the more expensive rottweiler puppy? After all Rottweiler puppies are the cutest puppies on earth. When ever you take them out everyone will flock to the your rottweiler puppy no matter which one you decide to buy. Oh Gosh they are so cute.

Ethical breeder

An ethical breeder will set standards for their entire program and will not sway to make a few extra bucks. Ethical breeders know the pedigrees, the temperaments and the health of most of the rottweilers in the pedigree. They do this by taking the time to research for proper pairing. Not just one pairing, they have to think about all possible combinations within their breeding program and potential rottweiler stud dogs from other breeders. On top of that they do the proper testing of their own rottweilers to decrease the chances of faults in the rottweiler puppies they produce. The most common ones being Hips, Elbows and the DNA coat length test. If a rottweiler does not get these clearances with passing marks for breeding standards, it is the duty of the ethical breeder to cut their losses not breed with these rottweilers.

What are you really saving by purchasing a rottweiler puppy from the puppy mill. Since they normally do not do the test since they do not know better or they do not want to spend the money you are more likely to have health issues with that puppy. So you saved $0.18 a day, but what if this $850.00 puppy ends up with a health issue like hip dysplasia? You could easily eat that $650.00 in savings with a $2000.00 to $3000.00 vet bill. On top of that the puppy could have a shorten life, what if he only lived to be 5 years old? Well that puppy you saved so much on is now more expensive at $0.46 a day. Now add in your vet bills ($2000.00 to be frugal) and that puppy cost you $1.56 a day, almost four times the $1500.00 rottweiler puppy from the ethical breeder.


Ethical breeders stand behind their rottweiler puppies so if you have major health issues you are not out all of your money. Backyard breeders normally make excuses and do not have contracts. If they do have a rottweiler puppy contract look for the words “AS IS”. This will be your worst nightmare as this will void any and all claims previously stated in the contract

This is not some theory I came up with to sell rottweiler puppies, I live it every day. I hear the heart wrenching stories from potential clients all the time. Some of these potential clients bought from a breeder that is just an hour away from King Rottweilers and claimed to do the health checks. I guess they forgot anyone can look up health their rottweilers in the database.

Now, buying a rottweiler puppy from an ethical breeder doesn’t guarantee your rottweiler will be healthy and well-adjusted, but having four or five generations of health certificates has to increase your chances of having a healthy, happy rottweiler. And for less than a quarter a day, pretty inexpensive insurance if you ask me.


Side note on testing

While there are other tests out there such as Heart and Eyes, you have to be aware that these two tests are for that point in time. This health clearances require re-certification on a yearly basis. A yearly basis that 99% of all breeders fail to re-certify. Some feel they did it once that should be enough, others just do not know the certification is only good for one year. Also if you ask your veterinarian they should be able to preform these test for you on a routine health check visit, which is what we do.