Rottweiler Breed Standards

Where is your Rottweiler From?

If your Rottweiler is born in Germany and adheres to all Rottweiler Breed standards explained by The Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (DRK) and Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK) then it is classified as ‘German Rottweiler’.

If your Rottweiler was born in the United States your Rottweiler adheres to the American Kennel Club Breed Standards. The American Kennel Club Rottweiler Breed standards are very similar to the ADRK standards with some small differences, such as Tails and Dew claws

The American Kennel Club has some very strict standards for the Rottweiler. According to AKC, Rottweiler standards pertain to the following factors:

  • Personality: Affectionate and loyal towards the family, reserved behavior with strangers.
  • Level of Energy: Needs two workouts per day. Prefers to be with the owner for a workout.
  • Temperament with Children: Generally good with children but better under to be supervision.
  • Temperament with other Dogs: Supervision is necessary.
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Occasional
  • Trainability: Very responsive and obedient to training
  • Height: The ideal height for a Male is 24-27 inches. The ideal height for a Female is 22-25 inches
  • Weight: The average weight for male ranges between 110-130 pounds. Female average weight range is between 77 -110 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: The life expectancy of American Rottweiler is 8 to 10 years.
  • Level of Barking: Barks when necessary.

General Standards Related to Appearance

The most accepted Rottweiler Breed standards is a medium large, powerful, and robust dog. Your pet must have rust markings clearly defined in the fur. The compact and significant build of your Rottweiler donates great strength, endurance and agility.

The male based on AKC Rottweiler standards must have a bigger frame, heavier bone structure and must look bigger than a bitch. The Rottweiler bitch must possess feminine features but without any signs of weakness.

The Head

The head of your Rottweiler must be of medium length, with broader frame between ears, the forehead line must be moderately arched. The zygomatic arch of your pet must be well developed possessing strong broad upper and lower jaws. The ideal ratio of back skull to nose must be 3 to 2. Dry forehead is preferable. Wrinkling is acceptable when the dog is alert. Expression needs to be noble, alert and self-assured.


The chest must be deep, broad and roomy. It must reach to the elbow, the dog must have well pronounced chest with well-sprung oval ribs. Strong and straight back. Well-muscled, deep, and short loin. Males have two normal testicles that should descend properly into the scrotum. Disqualification is based on cryptorchid males or Unilateral cryptorchid.


AKC Rottweiler standards for forequarters indicate that the shoulder blade of your dog must be long and laid-back. Upper arm must be in equal length to shoulder blade. Elbows must be well under body. Feet must be round compact, toes must be arched with compact, round feet.


Outer coat of your AKC Rottweiler must be straight, dense, and coarse of medium length lying flat. Presence of undercoat on neck and thighs is necessary.  Coat should be shortest on the head, ears and legs.


If it is necessary for the tail to be docked, short tail must be close to the body. You can leave one vertebrae for show and up to two for pet quality. The set of the tail is important than length according to the American Kennel Club Rottweiler Standards.