Veterans Day

All gave some, Some gave all!

As I sit here and I write this I have so many thoughts and tears going through my head. I know it sounds strange but I have waterfall that wants to pour out just from thinking of how many men and women served. Even more so when I think of how many gave the ultimate price for my freedom. King Rottweilers has dedicated to veterans from the beginning. We started off known as Slaven Kennels in honor of Veteran Benjamin James Slaven; who was killed in the line of duty during the Iraq war. We continue this by offering Military discounts on all our litters and donate trained puppies to non-profit organization for potential service dog work, year round not just on Veterans Day.

Veterans, the men and women that gave you your freedom always seem to get less than you. They never complain is it not enough and never say why don’t we have an entire month dedicated like other months dedicated to one race or cause. They never scream they were mistreated, or have labor disputes, they just do they job and move forward. I guess you could say they choose the military for their various reasons; but in the end they all become one, mature adults. Adults that know what it means to grow up fast and be responsible for your actions; after all someone’s life is on the line if they screw the pouch.

So next time you see someone with a veteran hat on or in uniform, take the time (maybe even in front of your children); walk over to this person stick out your hand and say Thank you for my freedom. We never even ask for that but it is nice to know people really do care. Hearing this as a veteran fills a void, much like hearing I love you from your loved ones. To receive the thanks for a thankless career makes us whole again and confirms what we already knew when we made our choice. It was all worth it and if given the chance we would do it all over again.

To all the military veterans and active duty personal, Thank you for my freedom!

All gave some, Some gave all!

King Rottweilers