Rottweiler Dolly Flash Rouse Headshot

Dolly Flash Rouse

Coming Soon

Dolly Flash Rouse is a very universal Rottweiler when it comes to here temperament. This Rottweiler bitch is ready to relax in her favorite spot or keep up with almost any lifestyle.
  • Perfect dense bone structure.
  • Rich deep dark markings with just as dark eyes.
  • Confirmation correct with straight but sloped top-line.
  • Temperament of a true rottweiler, protective and loving at the same time.

We were looking and being very selective on our next import. With the passing of Burning des Princes D’Aragone as of late we knew we had to find the perfect rottweiler bitch that had Burning in the first three generations of her pedigree. With this requirement we started our search. Looking for weeks and several Rottweilers it was clear once we saw Dolly we had to import her.

Once again, without giving away too many of our secrets in our breeding program we had to have a beautiful female with the head piece that will complement her counter part. Dolly’s head piece is perfect, wide and dense bone structure. Add the rich but not too dark marking, Dolly truly has a sought after head piece. As stated before her temperament is spot on for a Rottweiler. We cannot wait for the day sot pass so we can go pick up this perfect female

I am sure we will be posting updates about Dolly Flash Rouse once she is imported into the United States. Until then we all just have to sit back and wait for the time to pass. Seems like the time passes slower when you are waiting for such great things in your life. This one is well worth the wait.

Dolly Flash Rouse will be welcomed into our breeding program with open arms. She will be imported last on in 2018 – Dolly is NOT for sale.


  • Owner:
    King Rottweilers
  • Sire:
    Diablo Von Niko-Rot
  • Dame:
    Charobna Vom Titanhof
  • D.O.B.
    February 2nd, 2016
  • KSS:
    JR 73390 Rw
  • AKC:
  • Hip Rating:
    HD A
  • Elbow Rating:
    ED 1
  • Coat Length:
  • D. Myelopathy:
  • JLPP:
  • Height:
    63 cm
  • Weight:
    42 kg
  • AKC DNA:


  • 3X Best Opposite


ParentsGrand ParentsGreat Grand Parents

Diablo Von Niko-Rot

Merlin Flash Rouse

Gringo Vom Gruntenblick
Ramona von der Crossener Ranch
Aksa of Silver Fild KG Burning des Princes D'Aragone
Candy of Silver Fild KG

Charobna Vom Titanhof

Faryco Terezsky Dvur Merlin Flash Rouse
Katja Terezsky Dvur
Novella Futogline Tito Earl Antonius
Jossy Futogline