Shipping Puppies

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Puppies

We’ve talked about the importance of being open to purchasing a puppy from a breeder out of state before. And now that you’ve made the leap and finally decided on a particular breeder and puppy, we think it’s high time to answer any more questions you may have about the ins and outs of having your new puppy shipped from many states over to you.
We understand that you may still be having some doubts and fears about letting your puppy be shipped alone on a plane. You might be thinking, “is it really safe?”, “what if the flight gets delayed?” or “what if my puppy gets sick while travelling?”. We will answer all of these questions below and give you a play by play of how puppy shipping via airline works. We’ll also be discussing the perks of shipping and the safeguards that breeders and the airline have in order to get your puppy safely to you.

Perks of Puppy Shipping

Let’s begin by laying out all the perks and advantages of puppy shipping.

First, having your puppy shipped from out of state will most probably be less expensive and faster than having to go get it from the breeder yourself, unless you are local to your breeder. Driving to and from will not only be tiring and time-consuming to you, it might also be more stressful for your puppy to go on long distances cooped up in your car as they may be car sick. Not only that, your puppy also has a huge chance of catching an illness being exposed to a new environment and the stress of long travel hours.

And even if you take a flight to personally bring home your new puppy, it will still be separated from you as it would have to be in a different compartment. It will surely be less expensive if you trust your breeder and their chosen airline to arrange your puppy to be shipped to you.
Airlines now offer specific shipping options for pets. They are generally safe and have safeguards that will ensure that your puppy will be as comfortable and as safe as possible while traveling.

Of course, you’ll only be at peace with the idea of puppy shipping if you completely trust the breeder you choose. You can read the reviews of their clients who have availed the airline shipping options before. Read how their experience went. Did they get their puppies on time? Were there any problems with the airline? Knowing other people’s experience will familiarize you with what things and events to expect as you have your own puppy shipped.

Possible Drawbacks

Of course, despite the many safeguards that breeders and airlines have with regards to shipping pets, there are still uncontrollable events that might affect the process of having your puppy shipped.

Your worst-case scenario is probably a delayed flight during bad weather conditions. You might be thinking, “what will happen if my puppy’s flight is delayed or laid-over a different place?”.

We have to admit that these highly stressful situations can happen and have happened a few times before. But don’t worry, reputable airlines with great pet shipping services will ensure the safety of your pup by having them transferred to the next flight and the like. We also check for weather conditions before booking tickets in order to avoid these types of situations.

Another thing to worry about is the puppy’s nerves. It isn’t unusual for puppies to have a bit of anxiety when being shipped from one place to another. It’s a new and strange environment. However, when receiving your puppy at the airport and pulling them out of their crate they will see you as their savior. This helps the entire bonding experience not only for your puppy but for you.

The Full Process: Getting Puppies From Our Kennels to Your Home

We at King Rottweilers offer a shipping option for Rottweilers which are over 8 weeks old. We ship by air using Delta Airlines, Alaska Airline and United Airlines to places within the United States territory. We trust these airlines as they have perfected pet shipping with their climate-controlled and pressurized cargo area specifically for animals. These airlines also happen to have terminals which provide 24/7 care for pets that are being shipped.
(You can access the full list of the places we ship to here.)

Here are our current shipping rates and the breakdown of the cost:

  • For puppies under the age of 12 weeks: $480.00
  • For puppies over the age of 12 weeks: $750.00

This fee includes:

  • Airline Ticket
  • Food for Traveling
  • Airline Approved Food Dishes
  • Airline Approved Travel Crate
  • Bedding for Airline Approved Travel Crate
  • Health Exam and Certificate by licensed Veterinarian
  • Travel Cost to Veterinarian and Airport

Now, let’s say you’ve settled all fees and arrangements for your Rottweiler puppies with us, here’s how the shipping will go. (This process is specific if shipping with Delta Airlines Cargo.)

1. Your puppy is dropped off directly with the airline at the airport where it will be registered and have its kennel examined. They will then secure the kennel with zip ties. This will ensure that the kennel is not opened any time during your puppy’s flight.

2. The crate containing your puppy is lifted into the airlines PetSafe transport vans which is climate controlled to ensure that your puppy isn’t exposed to harsh temperatures. So, don’t worry if you’re having your puppy shipped during the summertime.

3. The plane goes on its flight. As much as possible, we only get direct flights so that puppies won’t have to travel as long.

4. Once the plane lands, the pets are removed first and are transported using the PetSafe van again to the secure location where you will pick them up personally.

5. Your identification details are verified from the ones provided by us when we booked the flight. After this, congratulations! Your new puppy is now home.

If you have any more questions, you may contact us here.

In conclusion…

We hope that by shedding light on the entire process of puppy shipping we have dispelled some worries you might have had with the decision. Just like with choosing a breeder from another state, this having your puppy shipped is a small risk that you will have to take in order to have the puppies of your dreams in the safest and most convenient way possible.

But seeing the various services and safeguards that we breeders and our chosen airlines have, we hope that we’ve reassured you of the safety and convenience of this option and lessened your worries about having your puppy travel alone.

At the end of the day, only you can make the decision of how you’ll get your puppy. Only you can weigh the pros and cons of driving by yourself or air shipping. Hopefully, this article has been helpful in informing you so that you can make a wise decision.