Arka Flash Rouse

aka Kaa

Arka Flash Rouse is the daughter of the 2015 I.F.R. World Best Producer Lex Vom Hause…   Continue

Azra Vom Bistrica Berg

aka Azzie

Azra Vom Bistrica Berg is the princess of all our dames, and she knows it. From…   Continue

Boda T.D.I. Se Ungo-Rot


Fibi Se Ungo-Rot

End of Lease

Greta Von Kinghaus

aka Greta

Greta Von Kinghaus came to us from another breeder via a client that decided Greta was…   Continue

Gringa Vom Tommy Rott


Gringa Vom Tommy Rott is the daughter of the 2016 I.F.R. World Sieger Toti Black Allusion…   Continue

Kong vom Quercus Wald

2015 IFR World Sieger

Panther Von Der Alten Festung

Junior Champion

Rambo Vom Zica Maradona

Son of 2013 & 2014 World Sieger

Rambo Vom Zica Maradona is the son of 2013 & 2014 World Sieger Imperator Vom Haus Zschammer….   Continue

Taiger Vom Kinghaus – CGC

Son of 2015 World Sieger / Grandson of 2016 World Sieger

Taiger Vom Kinghaus is a special stud to us and our breeding program. He is the…   Continue