Giant Rottweiler Puppies For Sale!

We have all seen the ads for giant Rottweiler puppies for sale but do you really know what that means?

What about the breed standards of a Rottweiler? Let’s go through some of these questions and dig a bit deeper for other questions you should be asking yourself, more than the breeder that has giant Rottweiler puppies for sale.

First and foremost a breeder we get the phone calls all day long from the owners of the 165 to 200-pound Giant Rottweiler, some even call them Gladiator Rottweilers. If you are an ethical breeder you chuckle inside because you know there is a breed standard. If everyone bought giant Rottweiler puppies the breed standard would reflect that, it doesn’t!

There is a breed standard the shows the Rottweiler is a “medium to large” breed dog. It does NOT list different types such as “King Rottweilers”, “Gladiator Rottweilers” or “Roman Rottweilers”. A Rottweiler is a Rottweiler no matter the size if grows up to be. As our name states we are King Rottweilers also known as Von Kinghaus Rottweilers. So the only way to get a “King Rottweiler” is to buy from our kennel and your Rottweiler will be bred to the breed standard in the most ethical way we know how.

Are those giant Rottweiler puppies for sale any better than the breed standard? No, you are not better off to have the biggest Rottweiler, in fact you may be worse off. See the breed standard is there for the better good of the breed to help keep your Rottweiler health and free from defects. Defects like bad hips, elbows or ACL injuries.

See the more the Rottweiler weighs the more direct pressure they are putting on their joints. More pressure on those joint increases the risk of defect of injury. Of course there are other features of the Rottweilers that cause issues like the short muzzles can be a sign of a defect and in turn could cause breathing issues later on.

So no ask yourself; Are the breeders that sell those giant Rottweiler puppies for sale doing the proper health testing of the parents? You would be amazed how many people do not even know what the minimum health testing required to breed a Rottweiler ethically. My guess is that as high as fifty percent (50%) of the breeders out there do not even know. Yet they say they health test their Rottweilers.

Ask for the health certifications! If they cannot produce the actual certificate or a direct copy of the original assume the health testing has not been done. Also expect to have health issues later on, start saving your “just in case money” now.

If they are doing the health testing the parents of the giant Rottweiler puppies for sale, do they have at least 5 generations of documented results? Can you easily find the results in the pedigree or online?

If they have not done the health testing and say, “We have never had a problem” you need to ask yourself if this is the luckiest person in the world. Maybe even ask how long have they been breeding Rottweilers. Even the most ethical breeder using the top Rottweilers in the world has had some problems. It is in the breed no matter how well you know a line there is bound to have one or two issues every few years.

Do they offer a Rottweiler health guarantee for the giant Rottweiler puppies for sale? If they do, what are the requirements that YOU MUST MEET? Most people do not read the fine print until it is too late. Some breeders offer that guarantee only if you meet all the requirements of a long contract. Others leave the contract so vague that it opens the door for two different people to interrupt the contract to mean different things. While others offer you all these wonderful things and then add in “AS IS” at the very bottom.

If they are not testing the parents of the giant Rottweiler puppies for sale do they offer a Rottweiler health guarantee? In all honesty, they can’t! Sure, they can say they will replace your puppy for you but they are not doing anything to prevent the issue in the first place. They are not doing everything they have the power to do to increase the chances of that giant Rottweiler puppy to have a happy healthy life.

In short if you see the ad that states; “giant Rottweiler puppies for sale” keep looking. It will save you time and be a lot easier on your wallet in the long run to find an ethical breeder. An ethical Rottweiler breeder that breeds to the Rottweiler Breed Standard.