Rottweiler Behavior Explained

Rottweiler behavior – Describing What it Means For You?

Devoted, passionate, intelligent, playful, confident, friendly, and loving – these are the key traits of normal Rottweiler behavior.

Different Rottweilers act and behave differently, but most of them are loving and playful creatures usually good with kids. Rottweilers, by nature, are guard dogs since the breed was historically used to guard livestock traveling with Roman Army. Butchers in Rottweil relied on Rottweilers for guarding money pouches tied around their necks.

Guarding and protection are natural traits of Rottweiler behavior. Each Rottweiler has their personality and their behavior is largely dependent on the breeder, pedigree and most of all their environment.

Rottweiler Behavior by ADRK and American Kennel Club

We adhere to the standards given by American Kennel Club for locally bred Rottweilers and ADRK for imported Rottweilers.

In Germany the governing body for Rottweiler breed is Allegmeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK). The standards of ADRK indicate the Rottweiler breed personality is different from other dog breeds regarding behavior and physical appearance. The club is responsible for maintaining and updating the standards on an international level.

The ADRK Standard explains the acceptable Rottweiler behavior as ‘good natured, good with children, devoted, obedient, willingness to work, self-assurance, fearless and steady’.

In the US the American Kennel Club standard for Rottweiler personality and behavior shows that the dog must be ‘calm, courageous, confident, self-assured, act silly around owners, an intelligent dog that is adaptable, has a strong willingness to help the owner and work’.

Normal Rottweiler Personality and Behavior

The behavior standards have given you an idea of what to expect from your fully-grown adult Rottweiler that is purebred, and raised with love and care by experts. The behavior must not contain viciousness, nervousness or fearful skittish.

Rottweilers have a natural habit of rumbling deep in their throats that some people misunderstand for growling. Rumbling is to Rottweiler what ‘purring’ is for cats. Their rumbling means joy and happiness, not aggression.

While it is not an aggressive breed, Rottweiler personality is generally protective and watchful. Proper socializing and training will ensure that they are welcoming to strangers.

Rottweilers are medium to large dogs who need a lot of space to grow and develop. Establish a routine with ground rules to make sure your Rottweiler is aware of their space and what is expected of them.